Wall of Fame

Collaborative Product

Technology Qualifications

“Greenxtract is dedicated to becoming a respected expert of tea and herb extracts.”

  • 2014Anhui Provincial Technology Centre
  • 2014Anhui Provincial Model Entreprise in Integration of Informatization and Industrialization
  • 2015First prize of enterprise group in Anhui division of the 3rd China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition
  • 2016Solid drinks produced for Infinitus were awarded Monde Selection.
  • 2017National High-Tech Entreprise
  • 2018National Integration of Informatization and Industrialization Management Systems Certificate
  • 2018Huangshan Municipal Specialized Enterprise
  • 2019Exhibit of 1st Yangtze River Delta Integration Innovation Achievements Exhibition
  • 2021Anhui Provincial Specialized Enterprise

Greenxtract was co-invested by BHG and Huangshan Tianjian in 2010. A group of leading experts have been working there, dedicated to healthy industry and in-depth development and application of ecological resources and agricultural products of Huangshan and its surrounding areas. Greenxtract is committed to deep processing of tea, coffee and herbs and the whole industrial chain.
Huangshan R&D center and Shanghai R&D center, a total of more than 30 researchers, lead the beverage industry benchmark in the fields of functional foods, functional beverages, solid drinks and fashionable drinks.

Over 30 researchers participated in the formulation and leadership of more than 80 projects in beverage industry, 6 patents, and more than 10 individual and team awards.

Leading Group

“Greenxtract is dedicated to becoming a respected expert of tea and herb extracts.”

CTO: DR. Junkuan Wang

Doctor of Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich

Dr. Wang received his Ph.D. in technical science from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. After graduation, Dr. Wang joined Nestle Research Center in Lausanne Switzerland, devoting himself to food science and technology innovation. He led the team of bioactive substances and micronutrients, focusing on the development and application of natural extraction technologies. In 2010, Dr. Wang came to China and served as director of the Beijing Branch of Nestle Research Center and general manager of the Shanghai Branch of Nestle Research Center. In December 2020, Dr. Wang joined Greenxtract as chief technology officer, in charge of technical support for partners to the highest level.