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“Greenxtract is dedicated to becoming a respected expert of tea and herb extracts.”


Huangshan Greenxtract Co.,Ltd. is dedicated to developing and manufacturing tea and herb extracts. The company owns a range of breakthrough technologies. As an expert of tea and herb extracts, the company has analyzed the effect and mechanism of many herbal actives for the development of functional drinks by inheriting traditional Chinese medicine prescription and integrating high-grade processing and inspection equipment with international advanced processing and analysis technology.

Two self-designed fully automatic, highly intelligent production lines with high efficiency and capacity. The whole production process is PLC controlled and the quality is fully traced. The production capability ranges from extraction, separation, concentration, freeze/spray drying, to powers, granules, concentrates, liquids and pills. It has become the first choice ODM/OEM partner by leading F&B companies. In anticipation of consumer needs, we are able to tailor-make high quality herbal drinks.

Core competence

“Greenxtract is dedicated to becoming a respected expert of tea and herb extracts.”

  • Resource Advantage

    Greenxtract is located at the foot of Mt Huangshan, which is best known for its superior ecological environment. The company has then secured a unique access to the high quality tea, herbs and spring water in the region. This thoroughly ensures products quality and safety. The company owns large-scale tea and herb planting base, authoritative certified organic tea garden, superior herb base with advanced planting technology and experience.
  • Talents Advantage

    Greenxtract’s success is underlined by an outstanding, professional team of technical and managerial talents. Their expertise and experience, global vision and local insights, enable them to create multiple international records.
  • Technology Advantage

    Greenxtract has mastered a range of proprietary technologies and two self-designed advanced processing lines, amongst which are an array of equipment put into commercial application for the first time in the world. It is honored the National High-Tech Enterprise, Post-Doctor Research Center, Anhui Provincial Technology Center and Anhui Provincial Model Enterprise of Intergration of Informatization and Industralization; and is known as the most promising star in China’s tea and herb processing field.
  • Quality Advantage

    The company strictly adheres to the highest international standard of 100% natural and physical processing. After long-term exploration and bold innovation, the company has developed advanced low-temperature technology including extraction, membrane separation, instantaneous concentration and intelligent freeze-drying. Greenxtract is honored the international accreditation of FSSC 22000 and ISO 9001; and awarded the qualified supplier by the international and local companies well-known as the strictest quality demands, spanning foods, beverages, functional foods, pharmaceuticals and chained restaurants.
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    “Greenxtract is dedicated to becoming a respected expert of tea and herb extracts.”

    Greenxtract attaches importance to talents who are our valuable asset. To attract outstanding talents and elites, we are committed to providing them with challenging jobs, easy working environment, relevant training in the industry, and competitive salary and welfare.

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